Testing medical devices in Denmark

Access to and collaboration with relevant clinical environments are crucial aspects in developing and testing new medical devices. Clinical Trials Office Denmark works to ensure easier access for medical device companies to hospitals all over Denmark



Clinical Trials Office Denmark works to facilitate matchmaking and create better access for medical device companies to Danish hospitals and clinical environments. The office is established by Denmark’s five healthcare regions.Medical device companies can draw on Clinical Trials Office Denmark to:

  • gain initial access to all health regions in Denmark
  • establish contact to healthcare innovation units in all health regions
  • build connections to relevant hospital units
  • create the basis for testing new solutions in a clinical environment
  • initiate dialogue with relevant clinical units/staff
  • obtain access to national negotiation of contracts
  • gain information on the conduct of clinical trials (medical devices) in Denmark.

One of Clinical Trials Office Denmark’s task is to provide easier access for medical device companies to relevant clinical environments. Medical companies seeking dialogue, or wishing to initiate co-operation with a hospital, will only need to refer to one institution in each region. From here they will be assisted in ascertaining available options, and they will be matched to the appropriate clinical departments.

In order for us to improve your company’s access to Danish hospitals and clinical environments, please mail your inquiry to devices@clinicaltrialsdenmark.com. We strive to respond each inquiry within four working days. You can also contact us individually by using the addresses below:

North Denmark Region
Mrs. Meriam van der Male

Aalborg University Hospital
Phone: + 45 97 66 45 44
E-mail: m.male@rn.dk

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Central Denmark Region
Mrs. Helene Nørrelund

Aarhus Universy Hospital, (Department of Clinical Medicine)
Phone: +45 78 45 90 16
E-mail: hwn@clin.au.dk

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Region of Southern Denmark
Mr. Emil Kjærsgaard Nielsen

Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation (Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark )
Phone: +45 40 19 69 03
E-mail: ekn@rsyd.dk

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Region Zealand
Mr. Erik Rishøj Jensen

Region Sjælland, Produktion, Forskning og Innovation (PFI)
Phone: +45 24 52 59 52
E-mail: errj@regionsjaelland.dk

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Capital Region of Denmark 

Mrs. Anja Solak Storgaard

Senior Consultant Capital Region of Denmark, Unit for Health Research and Innovation.

  • Medico-tech companies (inquiries and development of set-up)
  • Regional development strategy (for health research and innovation)
  • Charter for Smart Greater Copenhagen

E-mail: anja.storgaard@regionh.dk
Phone: +45 38 66 50 00

Mrs. Marie Smed

Cand.Merc. PhD. Special consultant at the Unit of Health Research and Innovation in the Capitol Region. Research experience within innovation management focusing on knowledge transfer processes between industry and health care sector during clinical trials. Currently coordinating inquiries from medical device companies and relevant test facilities.

E-mail: marie.smed@regionh.dk
Phone: +45 29 66 02 15

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Innovative medical devices provide a means of delivering better health. The Danish health regions have established Clinical Trials Office Denmark to help the medical companies gain better access to clinical environments. This will provide the essential opportunity for them to receive feedback from potential users of new products, conduct tests at an early stage, and undertake clinical trials of a fully developed product.