Facts about the healthcare system

How many Danes come into contact with the healthcare system each year? How many beds do the hospitals manage? And what are the expenditures? See the figures for the activities, capacity and expenses in the healthcare system here

The Danish healthcare system by numbers
The Danish population consists of 5.6 million Danes. Each year 95 out of 100 Danes contact the healthcare system, either due to hospitalization or visiting/appointments with a GP, specialists or dentists.

Approximately 2.6 million Danes are treated each year at a somatic hospital. Around 1.1 million are admitted to somatic hospitals each year.

Approximately 11.5 million somatic outpatient treatments are conducted each year in Danish hospitals. 1.3 million surgical procedures were conducted in 2012 – 150.000 more than in 2007. Each year there are 40.5 million appointments with GP’s and 11.5 million visits to private specialists.

Denmark has 53 public hospitals. The public hospitals have 106,870 full-time employees, distributed as follows:
• 14 per cent doctors

• 33 per cent nurses

• 10 per cent social and healthcare assistants

• 12 per cent other healthcare personnel

• 30 per cent other personnel, including psychologists,
administrative personnel, cleaners, technical personnel, etc.

• 3,600 GP’s and 1,195 specialists have agreements with the regions.

Healthcare expenditures in Denmark cover 8.4 per cent of GDP.

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