About Denmark

Denmark has a long-standing tradition of efficient public-private sector partnerships in areas such as development and testing of healthcare and welfare solutions. This applies both to the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare related industries

Research, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products represent one of Denmark’s commercial strengths. Danish pharmaceutical companies rank among the absolute world elite in therapeutic areas such as diabetes, depression, skin disorders and allergies. Subsidiaries of all major international pharmaceutical firms are also present in Denmark, where many of them have substantial clinical research activities.

This means that from a global perspective, Denmark is at the forefront in pharmaceutical R&D and pharmaceutical exports. In 2013, Danish firms had more than 100 pharmaceutical candidates in the clinical pipeline (in either phase I, II or III). Measured per capita, Denmark has the largest drug development pipeline in Europe. Danish exports of pharmaceutical products have been increasing rapidly over many years.

In 2014 exports topped $13.1 billion, accounting for 11.9 per cent of total exports, making pharmaceuticals Denmark’s largest export area.

Denmark is one of six countries in the world which invests more than three per cent of gross domestic product on research and development. The ambition is to be among the leading countries in research and innovation.

Medical and health sciences is by far the most prioritized area in Denmark, with more than 1/3 of all public investments going to this scientific field. Furthermore, Denmark is the country with the largest share of R&D investments in the medical and health sciences.

The quality of Danish pharmaceutical research is also ahead of the field internationally. Based on the number of articles published in 2013 in the New England Journal of Medicine, Denmark is second globally when it comes to scientific articles published per million capita. For publication in The Lancet in 2013, Denmark was in fifth place.

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