Clinical trials in Denmark

The clinical research collaboration between the industry and hospitals is important for developing new medicine and improving treatment possibilities. Denmark wishes to play an active part in the competition to attract clinical trials

Clinical research receives high priority within the Danish healthcare system. Approximately 300 clinical trials are conducted each year, initiated by the industry and researchers respectively (chart 1). Both types of trials are based on both close and efficient cooperation with hospitals.

The intense international competition to attract clinical trials, thereby improving treatment possibilities, has increased the importance of clinical research cooperation between industry and hospitals.

Industry-sponsored clinical trials account for more than half of the clinical trials carried out in Denmark. Since 2007 the number of researcher-initiated trials has more than doubled. The increase in researcher-initiated trials indicates that Danish hospitals continue to prioritize time and resources for clinical research.

Measured per capita, Denmark is the country in the world where most clinical trials are conducted (chart 2). The export of pharmaceutical products currently (2014) accounts for approximately 12 per cent of Denmark’s total exports (chart 3). The equivalent percentage in 2000 was 6 per cent.