Site feasibility

The Danish Respiratory Research Network seeks to offer an efficient feasibility process ensuring that companies have easy access to information from all respiratory medicine departments in the country. Our target is to respond inquiries within a maximum of 7 days

All feasibility inquiries within the field of respiratory medicine are handled via the network's National Coordinator (DNK), which will ensure that each enquiry is submitted to the entire network and will gather all responses and provide a unified response from the network. As such, the company will not have to submit feasibility enquiries to the individual departments. The processing time will normally be 7 days.

If a company wishes to send a link to a questionnaire to the Danish Respiratory Research Network via its own database, we kindly ask that they contact the National Coordinator who will notify the network members. Note: Companies are encouraged to update any internal databases and ensure that questionnaires/surveys are submitted directly to the network members (and not people to which the enquiry is not relevant).

Feasibilities and response time

The Danish Respiratory Research Network was established in early 2014 and started to handle feasibilities immediately after. Since then, activities have progressed. Our target is to respond inquiries within a maximum of 7 days. The majority of inquiries sent to us, are handled within this deadline. However, we also put high priority to providing the time necessary for relevant doctors to asess relevant requests enabling them to provide solid responses. Furthermore, if Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements are to be used, the response time may last more than 7 days.

Whenever Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements are to be used, the legal network has prepared a standard declaration that can be used, please see Standard CDA for DRRN (pdf). Alternatively, pharmaceutical companies/CRO’s are encouraged to submit their company template so that we can negotiate a standard declaration between the network and the company concerned, as the processing time for a feasibility enquiry must otherwise be expected to exceed seven days.

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