The National Coordinator will ensure efficient processing of feasibility enquiries, whether for the purpose of assisting in providing an overview of potential sites for a potential trial or to implement an actual site feasibility enquiry including the completion of a questionnaire in connection with a specific clinical trial

Clinicians, the industry and the network all wish to initiate measures to help strengthen the framework and opportunities to continue implementing linical trials in the respiratory medicine field to Denmark. The Danish Respiratory Research Network cooperates across all public hospitals when it comes to clinical research. The network aims to be a ‘single point of entry’ for respiratory medicine trials for the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark. The network will work towards, and implement initiatives to help ensure that, the industry continues to have an interest in conducting respiratory medicine trials in Denmark and to hopefully increase the number of clinical trials conducted. The network will work to simplify the administrative work associated with the trials for both the pharmaceutical industry and for researchers.

Danish Respiratory Research Network contact details:

The Danish Respiratory Research Network comprises the following members:

Andrea Browatski
Respiratory Medicine Outpatient Clinic, North Zealand Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Axel Møller
Department of Medicine, Kolding Sygehus
Site profile (pdf)

Bente Grønlund
Respiratory Medicine Outpatient Clinic, Vendsyssel Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Bettina Dalsgaard and Ingrid Titlestad
Respiratory Medicine Research Unit, Odense University Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Benedicte Vibjerg Wilson
Department of Medicine, Nykøbing Falster Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Birte Lassen Brandelev
Ear, nose and throat Clinic Holte
Site profile (pdf)

Carl Nielsen
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Charlotte Suppli Ulrik
Respiratory Medicine Ward, Hvidovre Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Christian Niels Meyer
Respiratory Medicine Ward, Roskilde Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Claus Rikard Johnsen
Allergy Clinic, Gentofte Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Hans Jürgen Hoffmann
Department of Respiratory Medicine Research, Århus University Hospital
Site Profile (pdf)

Kirsten Brændholt Rasmussen
Respiratory Medicine Ward, Holbæk Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Kirsten Sidenius
Allergy and Lung Clinic Elsinore
Site profile (pdf)

Niels Seersholm
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Gentofte Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Michael Skov Jensen
Department of Medicine, Viborg Regional Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Pernille Sarto
Medicine Outpatient Clinic, Horsens Regional Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Pia Holland Gjørup
Department of Medicine, Hospital Unit West (Holstebro)
Site profile (pdf)

Sven Åke Cornelius Nielsen
Respiratory Medicine Ward, Silkeborg Regional Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Torben Sørensen
Værløse Health Centre, Værløse Health Centre
Site profile (pdf)

Uffe Bødtger
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Næstved Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Vibeke Backer
Respiratory Medicine Research Unit, Bispebjerg Hospital
Site profile (pdf)

Zofia Helena Grzywacz
Respiratory Medicine Ward, Sygehus Sønderjylland
Site profile (pdf)

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