Clinical Research Networks

Denmark is working to increase the number of clinical trials by 10 % by the end of 2017. One of the vehicles to meet this target is to establish national networks of researchers with comprehensive expertise within specific areas of disease

The number of clinical trials conducted in Denmark is to grow by 10 percent by the end of 2017. This is the target of the government and regions' ambitious action plan on strengthening the framework for cooperation in clinical research, from May 2014.Improved patient recruitment using national networks of researchers is one of the vehicles to meet this target. According to the action plan, a minimum of five new networks will be established before the end of 2017.
Clinical Trials Office Denmark has already established the first national network within respiratory medicine. Danish Respiratory Research Network consists of approximately 25 experts (located at potential sites in Denmark) and provides relevant services concerning the implementation of clinical trials in Denmark within respiratory medicine. The close collaboration within the network has already paved the way for attracting numerous new clinical trials to Denmark

Clinical Trials Office Denmark seeks to establish new networks within other disease specific areas. Numerous areas of disease are currently being considered and assessed in close dialogue with the relevant medical societies and the industry. The ongoing results of these dialogues will be shared on this website.

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