Focus Areas

Clinical Trials Office Denmark works to strengthen the framework for clinical trials in Denmark and continuously implements initiatives for this purpose. Focus areas for 2015-2017 involve the following themes:

Disease specific networks
In 2013 Clinical Trials Office Denmark established its first national research network, the Danish Respiratory Research Network. Over the next years another four national research networks will be established. Read more about the Danish Respiratory Research Network here.

It is technically possible to use Danish registers to access disease specific but non-identifiable register data including patient numbers, sex and age. Clinical Trials Office Denmark works to strengthen the use of these possibilities.

Cooperation with general practitioners/GP's
In 2015/2016 initiatives will be implemented to create models for how GP’s can be included in research cooperation with the industry and the practice sector's participation in networks for clinical research.

Medical devices
Clinical Trials Office Denmark has entered into cooperation with the medical device industry. The purpose is to make it easier for Industry to test their medical devices in hospitals in Denmark.