About us

Clinical Trials Office Denmark works to attract more clinical trials to Denmark. In order to meet this goal, we offer services that facilitate the conduct of clinical trials and enables pharmaceutical companies/CRO’s to access the Danish healthcare system, etc.

Who we are
Denmark works actively to increase the number of clinical trials by 10 per cent by the end of 2017. Established in 2012, Clinical Trials Office Denmark works actively to support this target. Clinical Trials Office Denmark is a formal national collaboration between the five Danish regions, which have the operational responsibility for the healthcare system. Our main task is to attract more clinical trials to Denmark. We do this by providing services to facilitate companies' access to clinical trials in Denmark. Clinical Trials Office Denmark is based on a network of clinical consultants and a network of legal consultants.

What we do
Working as a network, Clinical Trials Office Denmark serves as an interface between industry and researchers and manages coordination with all clinically relevant units and departments in the country. We also contribute to optimising the possibilities for cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and researches in the Danish healthcare system. The entire Danish healthcare system can be reached through a single point of contact with local knowledge of hospital departments in Denmark. Our task is to:

Clinical consultants:

  • Initiate and implement regional and national initiatives and measures aiming to remove or minimize the barriers for clinical research in Denmark
  • Initiate and implement initiatives and measures to promote support and collaboration between the public healthcare system and the industry with regard to clinical trials
  • Contribute and optimise the infrastructure in Danish hospitals in respect of undertaking research
  • Help and simplify the administrative work relating to clinical trials
  • Provide a site identification service within only four working days. The site identification service offers comprehensive contact information for potential sites in Denmark for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Cooperate closely with the legal consultants

Legal consultants:

  • Negotiate company specific standard contracts
  • Prepare and maintain standard contracts
  • Adress legal obstacles and related barriers to attracting clinical trials to Denmark
  • Enter into dialogue with authorities and industry concerning legislation on clinical trials
  • Serve industry as a customer in connection with the implementation of clinical trials
  • Serve researchers in connection with the implementation of clinical trials conducted on behalf of industry
  • Cooperate closely with the clinical consultants

More information:

Contact information - clinical consultants
Contact information - legal consultants