What do we offer

Clinical research is a necessity for optimal patient treatment. The main task of Clinical Trials Office Denmark is to ensure that Denmark remains attractive for conducting clinical trials

Pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s can draw on Clinical Trials Office Denmark to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview and contact information of relevant investigators to conduct clinical trials in Denmark, within just 4 working days (see services)
  • Obtain access to national negotiation of contracts (see Clinical Trial Agreements)

Clinical Trials Office Denmark works continuously to improve the framework for clinical trials in Denmark. Pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s can also draw on Clinical Trials Office Denmark to address more general issues/challenges.

Respiratory clinical trials or early phase oncology or dematology clinical trials

  • Danish Respiratory Research Network – If your enquiry concerns respiratory medicine trials it must be directed to the Danish Respiratory Research Network (see disease specific networks)
  • NEXT Partnership – If your enquiry concerns trials in early phases within the fields of oncology and dermatology it must be directed to the National Experimental Partnership; NEXT (see NEXT Partnership)

Clinical research in Denmark
Denmark has a long and solid tradition for collaboration between the public healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to the conduct of clinical trials. Known for its unique and accessible patient population, it’s civil registries, and its outstanding infrastructure, the Danish healthcare system is among the leading healthcare systems in the world. Clinical trials are an integral part of everyday clinical work in the public healthcare system and are performed by highly qualified academic personnel. Measured per capita, Denmark is also among the countries in the world where most clinical trials are conducted.

Facts about Clinical Trials Office Denmark:

  • A response time of 4 days was met for 98% of enquiries received by Clinical Trials Office Denmark in 2014
  • The number of clinical trials in Denmark increased by 14% from 2012 (259) to 2013 (294)
  • The number of enquiries to Clinical Trials Office Denmark increased by 144% from 2013 (36) to 2014 (88)