Site Identification process

We will reach out to relevant hospital departments in Denmark. This is done to seek out the options for finding a site specifically siuted for your clinical trial. Your enquiry will be processed within 4 working days.

Your enquiry to Clinical Trials Office Denmark will follow the process indicated below:

Step 1

Using, the pharmaceutical company/CRO provides information to Clinical Trials Office Denmark concerning:

•Protocol title
•Trial phase (I, II, III, IV)
•Patient population
•Drug/medical device concerned
•Request for specific expertise
•Blinded synopsis (if available)
•Information about sites that have already been contacted

Step 2

Clinical consultants at Clinical Trials Office Denmark identify relevant investigators/sites in each of Denmark's five regions.


Step 3

The responding clinical consultant returns a list of relevant contact persons to the pharmaceutical company/CRO within 4 working days. In the event of very specific requests the process may require additional time.

Please be aware that disease specific networks have been established for certain specific therapy areas in Denmark. Enquiries for these therapy areas should be addressed directly to these networks.