CV's - legal consultants

About our legal consultants

Alexander Stolze Herzog: Master of Laws, specialized in IPR, regulatory affairs and drafting R&D-contracts. Since 2015, legal advisor at the Research and Innovation Unit, The Capital Region of Denmark and member of the Legal National Network since 2016.

Phone: +45 38 66 69 35

Mette Lykke Bak: Legal Adviser at University of Southern Denmark since 2008. I have a Master in Commercial Law from University of Southern Denmark, specialized in contract law, health law and IPR law. Since 2008 I have assisted Region of Southern Denmark with legal approval of agreements related to clinical studies. I have been a member of the Legal National Network since 2012.

Phone: +45 65 50 10 48

Susanne Kudsk: Master of Laws from Aarhus University (Denmark). Attorney-at-law with 10 years’ experience within healthcare and the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, which has been achieved through my employment at law firms and at Aarhus University/Central Denmark Region. I have solid experience within negotiation and drafting of all types of R&D contracts, legal advice and teaching at internal and external courses. Furthermore I have excellent communication and writing skills in English and German, and a good understanding of Swedish. I have been a member of the Legal National Network since 2012.

Phone: +45 87 15 32 41

Susanne Ries: Senior Legal Advisor: Master of Laws from Aarhus University (Denmark) and University of Leuven (Belgium). Many years of experience in providing legal support and contract management mainly within research, development and human resource in public and private organizations. Current employment at North Denmark Region as senior legal advisor drafting, reviewing and negotiating different types of contracts regarding clinical trials.

Phone: +45 97 66 62 53