Utilise Clinical Trials Office Denmark to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of relevant partners to clinical trials in Denmark, including contact information, within just 4 working days
  • Obtain access to national negotiation of contracts
  • Adress challenges linked to the conditions for clinical trials in Denmark
  • Get an estimated number of patients for the specific disease you are interested in

Advantages of conducting clinical trials in Denmark:

  • Strong collaboration between the public healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Well-integrated research environments and extensive clinical trial capacity in hospitals
  • Well-organised hospitals with easily accessible infrastructure
  • World-class patient databases and biobanks
  • Effective patient recruitment

Two public initiatives have been launched to attract more clinical trials to Denmark.Prime focus of the National Experimental Therapy Partnership (NEXT) is early clinical trials of new drugs on patients, including proof-of-concept trials. NEXT's current activities involve early phase oncology and dermatology clinical trials. For inquiries concerning early phase oncology and dermatology clinical trials; please contact the NEXT Partnership

Prime focus for Clinical Trials Office Denmark is later stage clinical trials and the creation of disease specific networks, which improve access to relevant clinical trial partners in Danish healthcare.The first network has allready been established within respiratory medicine. For inquiries concerning respiratory medicine; please contact the Danish Respiratory Research Network.

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